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Funeral Pre-Payment Plans
There are many reasons people choose to plan and pre-pay for their funerals, but usually concerns about rising costs, the financial burden on relatives and the peace of mind of knowing that specific wishes will be carried out are the primary motivations. In a growing number of cases, pre-payment plans are also being used as a means of lowering the value of a person's estate, particularly for tax reasons or upon entry into nursing care when state assistance with care fees is calculated.

Our chosen scheme
Our chosen funeral pre-payment scheme is 'Perfect Choice Funeral Plans'. Perfect Choice was established by the National Association Of Funeral Directors (NAFD) to enable member firms such as ourselves to offer their clients a properly underwritten and administered funeral pre-payment facility. Because Perfect Choice is run solely for the benefit of NAFD member companies, and not as a commercial scheme, we are not restricted to selling pre-packaged plans at nationally fixed prices, and are free to set our own prices and agree plan specifications with our clients in exactly the same way as we do for "at need" funerals. The client's funeral instructions are held on file, with the client receiving their own copy, and the payment for the funeral is invested in a "Whole of Life Assurance Policy". This in turn guarantees cover for future increases in the funeral director's fees, whilst the amount paid towards "disbursements" (third party fees, e.g. doctors, clergy, crematoria, etc.) will rise in line with the Retail Price Index. Perfect Choice Funeral Plans is administered on behalf of NAFD by NAFD Services Ltd. who are founder members of The Funeral Planning Authority. The money you pay for your funeral plan is invested in an Ecclesiastical Whole Of Life Assurance Policy. Ecclesiastical Life Ltd. (based in Gloucester) is authorised & regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Purchasing a plan
You can purchase a plan online. Simply use the links below to read the terms & conditions for online set plans, then download & complete an application form and send it to us with your cheque. (Please contact us first if you wish to pay by instalments so we can set things up for you).

If you prefer a more personal approach, then you can arrange to meet with one of our funeral directors, either at our office or your own home. Simply contact us by telephone to arrange an appointment. We discuss your individual requirements and then submit a bespoke quotation of expenses. If the quotation is acceptable to you then we will set up your plan with you. There is no pressure or obligation at any stage. Payment methods consist of either lump sum or instalments payments via direct debit, and the prices themselves are based on our current price list at the time. If you choose to proceed, you are in effect purchasing a plan with Fred Stevens Funeral Directors - Perfect Choice are simply providing the means for your plan to be properly and legally underwritten and protected (although provision for transferring your plan to another funeral director if you move to another area is covered with Perfect Choice).

To visit the Perfect Choice website..us the following link » www.perfectchoicefunerals.com image

If you wish to learn more, please contact us (see "contact us page") and request further information and a brochure. Contact can also be made direct with Perfect Choice on 0800 633 5626 (Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm).

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans
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