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Probably no single element of the modern funeral has changed more than the coffin itself. Whilst the majority of funerals still incorporate a traditional, fully-furnished wooden coffin, a wide range of alternatives are available. The traditional wooden coffins we offer are shown in the colour photo-brochure available at our office. But shown below are links to the suppliers of the alternative styles of coffin most commonly requested.

(Please note: whilst these illustrations cover a broad range of examples, a great many other styles are available and we will gladly advise you and help you to explore all available options).


supplying environmentally friendly willow coffins.

"Each one of our coffins has been beautifully and caringly hand woven by one of our skilled basket makers, making each coffin unique and special. Willow is one of the few truly environmentally renewable resources. The willow plant grows on the Somerset Levels and can be harvested annually from the same crown for up to 60 years".

from Ecoffins

"In line with our company's strong green beliefs, all of our products are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way. Our bamboo products are hand made in China from material grown and cropped in licensed plantations. The coffins are individually woven using age-old skills. Pandas do not eat the species of bamboo used in our products. Our company's factory in China has recently been awarded Fair Trade status. This is in recognition of the fact that we have enabled our craftsmen to prosper whilst maintaining their time honoured livelihoods. We are the first UK company to attain Fair Trade status in China".

Visit their website at: www.ecoffins.co.uk


the UK's leading supplier of custom design picture coffins for burial and cremation.

"We work with individuals, families and funeral directors to produce uniquely personal and bespoke picture coffin designs that celebrate the life of a special person and provide, what many of our customers have termed, a 'last gift'. Available exclusively through funeral directors, all of our designs are carefully applied by hand and all the materials involved are environmentally friendly and suitable for burial or cremation".

Visit their website at: www.colourfulcoffins.com